michaelselehov (michaelselehov) wrote in sunstudio,

What is it?


I created this community to speak about SunStudio - full compiler/IDE suit produced by Sun Microsystems Inc (http://www.sun.com).
Who am I?
I'm an engineer of Sun Microsystems Inc. working in Opteron Performance group. Our group's goal is to raise the performance of Sun's native compilers on x64 platforms.
Please feel free to ask here questions about SunStudio. I do not promise that I will answer all the questions but I will try to do my best. If you ask something I do not know, I'll try to find an engineer who can answer your question.

You can get more information about SunStudio and even download the latest release with free license here: http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/cc/products/index.html
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February 16 2006, 15:16:53 UTC 12 years ago

Hey! I'd like to download and try that. I've been using FAR so far. Where could I get the downloadable version and some introductory texts?

As I wrote in the main post, you can download SunStudio 11 (the latest release) at http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/cc/products/index.html
Go to http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/cc/products/get.html , click on the package you're interested in, register and get it.
By the way, about using FAR. SunStudio isn't just an IDE. It's a full set of compiler tools: C,C++,Fortran compilers, Performance Analyzer and more
If you will have any questions about using compilers, leave them here. I'll try to find an answer.
I'm very glad to see someone setup a community for Sun Studio, thanks. And to Sun in general, on behalf for admins, programmers, and hobbyists everywhere, thank you thank you thank you for making Studio 11 free! :)

I'm Jim and I've been a Solaris sys admin for almost 11 years and user of unix in some capacity since 1990. I use the Sun compilier suite whenever compiling C, C++ or Fortran. Unfortunately, as an admin I don't get a lot of time to do development and usually only compile other people's code. I think this community will prove useful and look forward to the information shared here!
Hello, Jim.

Welcome to sunstudio :) If you will have any questions regarding Sun Studio, just ask them :)
Currently, we're in the middle of next release so I cannot say a lot of our future plans, but I will do as soon as I will have enough information not marked "confidential" :)
Sun Studio looks indeed like it maybe something worth looking into.
And now you can look into it without paying any money :)